Viral New Jade Picon passes the test to get a CNH

Posted on – Viral New Jade Picon passes the test to get a CNH

Jade also said that no one would know about her failure in her first test, which she called “disgraceful.”

Jade Picon, who celebrates her 22nd birthday this Saturday (24), shared on her social network that she has finally passed the examination to obtain the CNH (National Driving License).

There was no shortage of shouts and hugs in celebration as he failed on his first attempt. However, he did not say how many questions he answered correctly.

“I’m a little bit excited, but that’s who I am. And everything has a reason to rejoice, I shout, I jump. I think there will be people who will look and say “what a fool to shout like that because of a theory test”, but that’s who I am. Every victory, I’m happy with myself,” he explained in his Instagram story.

Jade also said that no one would have known about her failure in the first screening test, which she called “disgraceful”, if she had not revealed it herself. “I would have remained silent, but I think it is good. I also use this opportunity to give some advice: do a simulation before the test.

Before the first time I didn’t do it and I didn’t pass it, this time I did it and passed it”.

The actor will now take practical driving lessons, which will fit into his work schedule. He said that even his birthday should not be a party, because he will spend that day recording Chiara’s movie in “A Travessia,” Globo comes at nine o’clock in the morning.

“I will have the letter [CNH] in hand and I will lead, Chiara will lead,” he celebrated. The course test for obtaining a CNH consists of 30 questions on the law, first aid, the environment, basic machinery and safe driving. To qualify, the student must answer 70% of these questions, i.e. 21. After passing this level, the future driver will pass the practical driving test.