Link New Archie Battersbee Update Accident And Injury Update -What Happened To Him?

Posted on – Link New Archie Battersbee Update Accident And Injury Update -What Happened To Him?

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Archie Battersby has been in a coma for a long time and it is up to the court to decide what to do with his tragic health condition. The case attracted national and worldwide attention.

In this article we will learn more about the child and his health condition. The legal battle between the Royal London Hospital and Archie’s parents has attracted a lot of attention from people in the UK and beyond. The child was found to be brain dead; however, his heart was still beating.

His parents Holly Dance, 46, and Paul Battersby, 56, are waging a legal battle to keep their son alive after a judge ruled in a recent ruling that the hospital can legally end treatment. That judgment has now been put on hold as the reorganization has been approved.

Archie was found unconscious at his mother’s house. It is said and believed that he may have even injured himself in some internet call. The child was immediately taken to the hospital.

Archie Battersbee accident and injury update – what happened to him?

The doctors declared him dead and since then his parents have been going through a terrible time. Her young, healthy son suddenly found himself in the worst of health conditions, with a functioning heart but no brain. The case went to court to decide what necessary steps needed to be taken, and the court first ruled that the Royal London Hospital could legally stop the treatment.

But the parents were not satisfied with this and appealed. According to the Mirror’s latest report, the appeal has been granted, leaving the parents waging an emotional and legal battle.

What happened to Archie Battersby?

Archie is a boy from London who has been in a coma for over two months. National World reported that his mother found the boy unconscious with a bandage on his head.

Due to the unusual nature of the incident, the boy’s mother believes he was involved in some internet cheerleading activity. However, it is not yet clear.

People were shocked and saddened to learn about the tragic story of the troubled young boy. His parents received widespread acclaim from the people for fighting the hospital in court. Archie’s mother said she spent time at her son’s bedside in hospital, holding his hand. He said he felt her squeeze his hand and his heart beat. He says he can’t leave her like this.

Archie Battersby Age and Family

Archie is said to be 12 years old. He is a young man who is very energetic and loved by everyone around him. His coma and legal battle attracted a lot of attention from around the world.


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